This is what future home buyers are looking for

Technology is transforming our homes – from fridges that keep stock of ingredients to automatic lights that brighten areas inside and outside of the home when you arrive. That’s before we mention the growing interest in a green way of life. It’s clear that consumer demand and preferences are changing but what exactly does this mean if you’re looking to sell your home? Here, we round up some of the biggest things home buyers could be searching for in the future. 

Efficient energy 

Even before the current cost of living crisis, lots of people were in search of ways to reduce their energy impact. It’s not just a great way of saving some money but, as part of the UK’s mission to reach Net Zero by 2050, the government has pledged to make homes greener. In order to prove this, residential homes will need an EPC rating of at least C by 2035. 

If you’re thinking of selling, and your EPC certificate doesn’t match these standards, you might want to consider updating windows and doors, as well as insulation. After all, Rightmove has revealed that an energy-efficient property leads to cheaper bills and could even increase the overall asking price by up to 16%. There’s even some speculation over the fact that homeowners with an energy-efficient home could be given the best mortgage deals in the future. 

Green living 

As well as a keen interest in making our homes more energy-efficient in a bid to save money, it’s likely that we could see homeowners in search of green improvements. Again, not only are these ideal for saving money but it helps the world around us. Some potential home buyers may even try to reduce the asking price in order to make these green improvements around the home themselves. 

According to Rightmove, searches for heat pumps and solar panels are increasing. Plus, estate agents are regularly using phrases like ‘low carbon’ and ‘sustainable’ in property descriptions. While we’re seeing more new-build homes come with EV chargers, PV panels and reduced water usage, it could be that home buyers look for these in older properties too. Already we’re seeing the benefits, financially, of updating properties to be more energy-efficient and greener before selling as asking prices and interest in these properties soar. If you are thinking of updating your property, why not consider interior refurbishments that make it look better as well as those that will make it greener?

Flexible spaces 

Working at home isn’t anything new but it’s still high on the priority list for lots of families, couples and individuals who are looking for somewhere new to live. But instead of looking for a home office, increasingly we’re seeing home buyers in search of a space that can be used for lots of different reasons. Home office in the day, yoga studio in the evening. Dressing room most of the time and guest room over the festive season. 

So, if you do have any of these spaces why not consider how you could show off its various uses? If space permits, pop a bed in the office or place a work space in the family room. Consider what type of buyers are most likely to be interested in your property and see if you can highlight different spaces they could be looking for. 

Got any questions about selling your property? Perhaps you want to know how to increase the value? Either way, our team of property experts have been helping Manchester homeowners for many years and you could be next. Contact us today or pop into our office on Chapel Street. 

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