Estate Agent Myths Uncovered

In a world that is seemingly led by the Internet, it’s important to remember that not everything we read online is true. As with everything in life, there are a number of estate agent myths and we at Kaytons want to set the record straight.


Myth 1: All estate agents are the same

This is like saying that all teachers are the same. Or all doctors are the same. Not only will individual estate agents be completely different but also individual companies. Search around and find the best agent for you. Take a look at each agency’s values and ensure that you have complete trust in who you choose.


Myth 2: You don’t need an estate agent

While you may feel you can do a better job on your own, going it alone can actually prove to be more difficult. Selling or letting a property is more than just saying nice things about the home. Instead, you have to arrange viewings, market it correctly, create and maintain relationships with potential buyers and filter the offers.


Myth 3: You need to price your house with space for negotiation

Nowadays, people spend weeks looking into local areas, investigating the price of similar properties. Therefore, if you price your property too high, not only will it put people off but you also run the risk of not getting offers. Focus on pricing your home on its worth.


Myth 4: Spring is the best time to sell

It’s important to remember that properties sell and let in spring, summer, autumn and winter. There isn’t a best time to put your property on the market.


Myth 5: You should choose the agent who says they will sell your house for the highest price

Your choice of agent should be down to their overall experience and knowledge. While it may be appealing to price your home high, it’s more important to choose an estate agent who you trust can do the best job.


Myth 6: When you receive an offer, you should make the buyer wait

When someone makes an offer, that person is ready to buy your property at that moment. Some believe that waiting to reply may put you in a better negotiating position but if you receive an offer, you should reply quickly as moods can change.


Myth 7: Your house doesn’t need to be ‘sale’ ready

Empty houses do sell but if a property that allows potential buyers to imagine their own family in the space, often sells better. It’s also a good idea to complete any DIY tasks as if left, a potential homebuyer may wonder about other unseen problems. The majority of people want a property that is in a liveable condition – even if they plan some renovations.


Myth 8: If your offers are low, your agent is not working hard enough

When things don’t go to plan, we all want something or someone to blame but if your sale isn’t going as quick as you’d imagined, then you may need to look at your asking price.


Myth 9: Estate agents will say anything to get a sale

This simply isn’t true. As estate agents, we want to help you and your family find a dream home, ensuring that the entire process is stress and hassle-free.


Myth 10: Estate agents are untrustworthy

A lot of estate agency business is done on referral meaning that word of mouth will soon spread if an agent is found to be untrustworthy. It’s a good idea to check local reviews, ask people in the area and take your time when choosing the best agent for you and your property.


Buying, selling, letting or renting – the property world can be confusing. If you have any questions or are looking for a property in Manchester, get in touch today.


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