Which home additions could boost your property’s EPC?

If you’re thinking of selling your property, it’s likely you’ve come across EPCs. Short for Energy Performance Certificate, a property’s EPC rating highlights how energy-efficient it is and how much energy is required to keep it warm and powered up. In the current climate, it has never been more important to boost your property’s EPC and homebuyers are now regularly looking for a good EPC rating amongst other things. 

Upcoming changes also mean that there is now a minimum recommended EPC rating for all rental homes in the UK – meaning homeowners are going above and beyond to ensure their property scores high. 

What is an EPC?

EPC ratings rate a property on its energy-efficiency and are designed to let potential buyers and renters know roughly how much energy bills will be. Homes are rated from A-G, A being the most energy-efficient and G being the least. Not just that but they’re also rated out of 100. The higher the number, the lower the energy bills should be. From 2025, newly rented properties will have to provide an EPC rating of C or above. Currently, the marker is at E. 

Property regulations aren’t the only reason why high EPC ratings matter. The more energy-efficient your property, the warmer it will be and cheaper to run. This alone is a very popular factor for today’s renters and buyers. So, whether you’re looking to sell or let your property, why not enhance its EPC rating with a few additional features that will likely boost your property’s value too?

Boost your property’s EPC with these additions

Smart lighting 

Lighting is one of the most overlooked features in a home but it contributes towards EPC ratings. LED light bulbs are more energy-efficient compared to traditional bulbs and they last longer and generate less heat – reducing overall energy consumption. But, if you want to step it up, automating your lighting via a central system or even an app on your phone can save even more energy. Wave goodbye to wall switches and control your property’s lighting in a simple click, switch off lights when you’re not in the house, and watch your EPC rating increase. 

Triple glazing

Years ago, double glazing was all the rage. And now, there’s a new type of glazing in town: triple glazing. Did you know that most homes lose the majority of their heat through the windows? So, it makes sense to upgrade the windows in your property to not only keep it warmer but to keep bills down too. 

Good insulation

Another way to keep your home nice and warm is to ensure the insulation is adequate. If not, you could be throwing money away. What’s more, in the winter, proper insulation will stop any heat from escaping either through walls or roofs. When you combine good insulation with properly glazed windows, your EPC rating is sure to improve. 

Alternative energy sources

Solar panels are increasing in popularity, and aren’t just a great way to save on bills but they can generate an income for your property. But, another energy-boosting addition some homeowners are looking into is air source heat pumps. They’re a low-carbon alternative to gas boilers, powered by electricity, and move heat from the outdoors inside. They can even be used to power the likes of underfloor heating and are a great way to boost your home’s energy-efficiency. 

So, there you have it. A few different home additions that could boost your EPC rating. Plus, don’t forget, if you are looking to sell or let your home, the team at Kaytons can help. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing in the Manchester and Salford area for nearly 20 years. Pick up the phone today, follow us on social media or pop into our Chapel Street office for more information.

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