Top 5 Reasons to Buy or Sell Your Home in May

It’s a new month and if you’ve been considering buying or selling a property, you might be wondering if this month will be it. And, at Kaytons, we have some good news for you: May is one of the best times to buy and sell property in Manchester. Wondering why exactly? Keep scrolling to discover the reasons to buy or sell your home in May. 

Ideal weather conditions

While April might have been a wash out, rumour has it that May is likely to be a little better in terms of warm temperatures and sunshine. What’s more, this combined with longer days and lighter evenings not only make viewings easier – and nicer – but also make properties look great. Not to mention that moving day logistics are easier. The truth is, when the sun shines, homes generally look their best which enhances curb appeal and that important first impression.

The spring market

Spring is notoriously one of the busiest times of the year in property. This is because many people start to look in May, with the aim of settling in before the new school year starts in September. This spring surge, as it’s known, can mean there are more options for buyers and also better offers for sellers. 

Financial year-end

Perhaps a lesser known reason why May is such a popular time in the property market is because it also coincides with the financial year-end so business owners will likely have a better understanding of their finances. This can mean easier and quicker decisions, and a more streamlined property transaction. 

Holiday season

During July and August, the property market can seem a little slower as many people are away on holiday, which is why there can often be a surge in May as people begin to think about the summer ahead and whether they want to buy or sell before their family break. This means that selling or buying a property in May is often one of the best times to do so. 

Motivated market players 

Another reason which makes May a great time to sell or buy is because those people who have had their homes up for sale in March and April are usually more motivated in May after a few months in the market. Likewise, buyers who have been looking for a few months are generally more active and determined to find their dream home. 

So, how can Kaytons help?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, May offers a number of advantages that mean it could be your month. What’s more, at Kaytons, we’ve been helping the people of Manchester with their property journeys since 2012, and you could be next. Get in touch with us today and we’ll answer any questions and guide you through the whole process this May.

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