Top tips for beating the race to rent as a tenant

Trying to find your dream rental property and then getting in there before the competition can feel like an Olympic sprint these days. With demand for quality properties at a high and other tenants willing to pay more for the perfect pad, the race to rent can be a very challenging situation to find yourself in. But securing your new home can be done – it just takes time, preparation, and a few best-practice tips. What’s more, as your local estate agent in Manchester, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know. 

Be prepared

Finding a new property is hugely exciting but before you start the search you need to ensure that you have everything ready. This includes your references, evidence of previous rental history, proof of employment and a credit report. That way, if you do find a property you want to move forward with, you’ll be able to do it quickly. 

Be proactive

It’s no secret that the current rental market moves quickly but with a reputable estate agent by your side, you can keep pace. What’s more, you’ll likely get access to properties before they’re on the public market and you can also sign up to receive alerts when properties that match your criteria become available. Being the first person to know about a new rental property can be all the difference between securing the tenancy and not. 

Be passionate 

The truth is, in the current market, it’s not uncommon for a rental property to have up to 10 interested people. So, you need to think about ways you can stand out from the rest and make the landlord choose you. It goes without saying that if you really like a property and want it, say so. Treat a property viewing like a job interview – dress smartly, arrive on time and be prepared to sell yourself and highlight the reasons why a landlord should choose you. Explain that you have a deposit to put down, if so, and be sure to respond to any landlord communication efficiently. 

As well as the above tips, it’s also important to be realistic. There might always be someone who is quicker than you or who is prepared to spend more money but when it comes to the race to rent, the early bird often gets the worm. What’s more, at Kaytons, we’ve helped hundreds of people to navigate the rental market and find their dream property. So, if you have any questions or perhaps want a helping hand, our team is only a message away. 

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