Salford vs Manchester: which is the best city to live in?

Depending on what you’re looking for, Manchester and Salford both have qualities that make them attractive cities and they’re both located in Greater Manchester. A mixture of waterfront, urban and countryside environments – Salford has the perfect balance of a city centre buzz and green tranquillity. Manchester, which is just by Salford, is known for its architecture, culture, sports clubs, and transport connections to name a few. With a population of around 250,000, Salford is less populated than Manchester – which has a population of around 550,000. But that doesn’t make Salford any less appealing. Here, we explore Salford vs Manchester in more detail. 

Green spaces

Both cities have great places to get outside – whether it’s to take the children to the park, find somewhere quiet to read, or for a dose of fresh air. Salford does win when it comes to green spaces though – with half of the city being made up of forests, nature reserves, moss lands, and parklands. Manchester does still offer a plethora of parks within the city centre, meaning you won’t have to walk far to get your nature fix. 

House prices

If you’re on a budget, Salford may be your best option – with average house prices being slightly less than Manchester. Properties in Salford had an overall average price of £253,064 over the last year, with the majority of sales being flats. Whereas, properties in Manchester had an overall average price of £283,355 over the last year, with the majority of sales being semi-detached properties.

Social activities

If you want a bustling hub of busy activity, then Manchester is your best option – but don’t get us wrong, Salford still has plenty to do, but it’s slightly quieter. Manchester city centre is a hub of activity all year round – often attracting a variety of people for a city break. From museums to bars, restaurants and traditional pubs – and not forgetting shopping areas and entertainment venues, Manchester is sure to provide fun for everyone. Salford is smaller, but there is still plenty to do – and many choose to travel the extra few minutes into Manchester. 

So, which is best: Salford vs Manchester?

If you’re a nature lover and getting outside is your priority, then Salford is a sure winner – with more green spaces than Manchester. Salford’s also a winner if you’re looking to buy and you’re on a budget – although do factor in any travel costs if you’re likely to be travelling to Manchester city centre for work or socialising. We can’t deny that Manchester does win when it comes to social activities however, being a bustling hub of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. 

One thing’s for sure, Salford and Manchester are two ideal cities in the North to call home. At Kaytons, we have plenty of properties for sale and let in both so if you’re looking for somewhere to call home, why not see how we could help?

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