5 red flags in the renting process

Renting a property is very exciting but also a huge decision that requires a lot of careful consideration. What’s more, while the majority of rental journeys are smooth and stress-free, there are some common pitfalls to be aware of that can easily turn the situation into a nightmare. Having helped the people of Manchester and Salford to breeze through the rental process since 2012, we’ve pulled together five red flags in the renting process that everyone should know about. 

Strange terms and conditions

While a letting agent will advise on the best terms and conditions to include in a lease agreement, the landlord can include specific requirements based on their preferences. For this reason, it’s crucially important that tenants read through the fine details before signing anything. In these T&Cs, you’ll find information relating to rent due dates, maintenance responsibilities and any penalties for breaking the lease. If you spot anything that seems unusual, it’s worth discussing this with your landlord or letting agent. 

Poor property maintenance

The overall state of a property during your viewing can speak volumes about the landlord’s dedication and commitment to maintenance and providing a home. Warning signs include peeling paint, leaks, a lack of updates and malfunctioning appliances. These could all indicate a lack of responsibility and responsiveness from the landlord. If you are concerned about this, we recommend that you ask to see the landlord’s maintenance policies and be sure to fully assess the condition of the property before signing the rental agreement. 

Unresponsive landlords 

Communication is key for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. If you find that a landlord is slow to respond to inquiries, or appears unprofessional or disinterested, this should also be a cause for concern. The application process is as much about a landlord finding a good fit as it for tenants so don’t ignore any warning signs. How communicative a landlord is in the application process can indicate how supportive they may be during the later tenancy. 

Hidden costs

If you spot lots of surprise fees in the terms and conditions, this should also be a warning sign. It’s best to request a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the tenancy before signing on the dotted line. This includes rent, utilities, maintenance and any potential penalties. If your landlord introduces hidden fees after the tenancy has started, contact your letting agent for support. 

Neighbourhood safety 

The location of the property is just as important as the property itself which is why it’s so important to do your research about the local area. Visit it at different times of the day, access information about crime rates and look into public transportation and essential services. It’s important that any doubts about the neighbourhood and its safety are addressed well in advance of finalising the rental agreement. 

How Kaytons can help 

With a professional letting agent by your side, you can navigate any potential issues and enjoy a more positive experience. But by being aware of these 5 red flags in the renting process, you can also make better informed decisions from the start. And remember, if you’re looking for a new rental property or perhaps have a question about the process, our team is always here to help.

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