Property market predictions: 2024

As we near the end of 2023, we can’t help but look back and also forward at what could come. In the property sector, the landscape has continued to evolve over the past 12 months and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change. And while we don’t know for sure what 2024 will have in store, in our latest blog, we offer some property market predictions for the year ahead. 

Smart homes 

In terms of properties themselves, it’s clear that smart home technology has been really popular over the last year and this will only likely increase. From security systems to energy-efficient living, both buyers and sellers are likely to priortise properties that have a range of technology integrated into it. In fact, where homes are equipped with the latest smart features, the demand has been high. That’s not to say you should automatically invest in smart technology if you want to sell but a consideration for any enhancements is key. 


Another key driver in the property market is environmental consciousness. It’s no surprise either as the global push for sustainability continues, and we’re seeing properties with solar panels, sustainable building materials and energy-efficient appliances being in demand. As the cost of living crisis transcends into 2024, it’s likely that any features that do good for the world around us and save those all-important pounds will be highly favourable. 

Secondary cities 

We know that more people have begun to look for homes just outside of the city centre, something which is said to have been caused by the pandemic. But as remote work continues, the search for suburban areas is expected to stay the same. This makes places just outside of Manchester City Centre likely to be in high demand – not only great news for landlords and sellers with properties here but also businesses that call these areas home. 


Current challenges regarding affordability will likely remain a concern and many experts believe that the gap between supply and demand will widen. If you are looking to move in 2024, then why not consider emerging towns and neighbourhoods just out of the city as well as fixer-uppers. Don’t forget there are government initiatives like shared ownership which can also help you to navigate any affordability challenges. 

How Kaytons can help 

Of course, we can’t say for sure what will happen in the market next year. But enlisting the help of a professional team, like the one at Kaytons, can mean that you’re better-prepared – whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or let. What’s more, our property professionals stay up to date with the latest news and trends so that you don’t have to, and they’ll advise every step of the way. So whether you have any questions about our property market predictions or you just want to get ahead with your property journey for next year, why not get in touch today?

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