Local market trends: everything you need to know in Manchester

Whether you’re looking for a new home to live in or perhaps want to build up your property portfolio, understanding the local property market is crucial to help you to make the best decision. Here, we explore the local market trends in Manchester’s property market that are sure to help buyers, sellers and investors alike. Plus, don’t forget, when it comes to anything property-related in Manchester, Kaytons is the team to turn to. 

A demand for city living 

The centre of Manchester continues to be a big property hotspot – and for good reason. For starters, it’s convenient, there’s lots of job opportunities and a fantastic cultural scene that comes alive day and night. Properties in and around the city with direct access to the centre always seem to be in demand, meaning the market is very competitive right now. 

Sustainability as a priority 

Sustainability is becoming a huge focus for many – transforming the way people live and work and it’s no surprise that this has filtered through into property choices. We’re seeing a big demand for eco-friendly additions to properties including energy efficient appliances, green spaces and even sustainable design. Many modern developers are even including sustainability into their regeneration projects across the city. 

Digital transformation continues 

Manchester is undergoing a huge amount of transformation and this has influenced the property market because, put simply, people are now looking for a premium quality of life. This includes smart home features, high speed internet and even dedicated spaces for home offices and gym. Adapting your property to suit these trends is one way to boost its appeal. 

Community led developments 

Manchester is known for its friendly locals, and at the heart of the property market lies community-led developments. Both developers and buyers are focused on creating neighbourhoods with shared spaces, collaborative initiatives and communal gardens – and they’re proving popular. 

While the property market moves fast, staying up to date with local trends and news is one of the best ways to make better informed decisions. That’s where we come in at Kaytons – staying in tune with what’s going on so that you don’t have to. So if you have any questions or want an expert team to help you on your property journey, why not get in touch today?

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