How to decide if a new area is right for you

Moving to a new area – whether it’s for work, school, family or perhaps a change of scenery – can be exciting but also incredibly daunting. It’s likely that you haven’t made the decision lightly and if you really want to get it right, you need to consider a whole host of factors. 

After all, to really find a place that will suit your family, you need to think about budget, lifestyle and long-term goals. Having helped the people of Manchester to relocate since 2012, at Kaytons, we’ve pulled together a list of the essential things you need to consider when deciding if a new area is right for you. 

  1. Research local amenities – Consider what’s important to you, be it the gym, shopping, cinema or even leisure centres and then research the closest places. Even if they aren’t close by, take a look at transport links to see if they are easily accessible. 
  2. Prices – One of the easiest ways to determine whether an area is right for you is to set out your budget for the property as well as a monthly expenditure budget. Then, take a look at average utility costs, shopping costs and socialising costs to see if you can afford to live there. 
  3. Transport – We’ve already touched on transport but it’s also important to consider how easy it will be to travel to school, work and to see your friends and family members. Why not try a test journey during rush hour and at the weekends to see what it could be like living there? 
  4. Safety rates – By looking at local crime statistics, you can get a good picture as to how safe an area is. Plus, looking out for neighbourhood watch groups may also indicate a tight-knit community that looks after each other. 
  5. Local culture – One of the quickest ways to find out what an area is like and whether or not it suits you is to spend some time there. Visit cafes, parks and local events and why not speak to locals while you’re there? 
  6. Future developments – If you see yourself in an area for a good few years, it makes sense to find out what the future plans are for the town. For example, will there be more developments? Will this fit in with your goals?

    As well as this, it’s also important to consider things that matter to you such as schools or working opportunities. What’s more, you may also want to research local potential hazards such as the risk of flooding to determine how happy and safe you’ll be. Finding the perfect place to call home isn’t always easy and it requires patience and dedication but the team at Kaytons can help. Simply get in touch today or pop into our Chapel street office.

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