How long does it take to move?

It’s the age-old question that buyers and sellers around the country want to know the answer to. And unfortunately, it can differ hugely. Sometimes, moving home can be quick. Other times, it’s a slow and laborious process. At Kaytons though, it’s safe to say that we’ve been through our fair share of house moves with people so we’re going to round up the rough timelines that you can expect if you’re in the same position. 

Step 1: Mortgage approval (1-8 weeks)

While in the best case scenarios, mortgage approval can take as little as a few days, they can also take up to 8 weeks – especially if additional information is required. Some people choose to search for their dream property and then apply for a mortgage, others get their mortgage approved in principle first. There’s no right or wrong answer but you need to remember that if you wait to get your mortgage approved after finding a property, you could miss out on it if there’s another buyer who is ready to go. 

Step 2: Selling your home (4-10 weeks)

Again, it’s important to remember that this is a rough guide. Some properties we’ve listed have been taken off the market in days and other times it takes a little longer. If we take a look at average UK times though, the latest figures are 44 days. If your chain has a number of buyers and sellers in it though, this can take much longer as can delays with solicitors. 

Step 3: Finding a new home (1-10 weeks)

This is obviously the funnest part of moving and can, again, take different people a different amount of time but the UK average is up to 10 weeks. You need to spend time searching for homes, researching the neighbourhood, visiting it at different times and conducting a few different viewings. Don’t rush it however – and it really is true that when you find the one you’ll know.  

Step 4: Making an offer (up to 2 weeks)

You’ve found the dream home and now it’s time to put an offer in. While in some instances you might hear back instantly, constant toing and froing between parties can draw out the process. There also isn’t a set time that a seller has to respond within so it’s important to just hold tight. 

Step 5: Conveyancing (8-10 weeks)

Once your offer has been accepted, it’s time for all the legal bits to be put in place. Again, the timescale for this can vary hugely as a number of important steps are taken. This includes running property searches, liaising with solicitors, confirming Stamp Duty Land Tax, sorting the transfer deeds and completing ownership documents. The average conveyancing time in the UK takes around 10 weeks and it’s advised that you sign any paperwork swiftly and send it back quickly to avoid any delays. 

The overall moving process

So, taking into account everything we’ve mentioned above, figures show that you can expect to move home in anything from 8-22 weeks but this, of course, depends on a few different factors. It’s also important to remember that unexpected problems and delays can occur. But, if you start things early, stay organised and enlist the help of a team of professionals, your moving journey should at least be stress-free.

Got any other questions about the moving process? Perhaps you want to start looking for your new home? Either way, our property professionals would be delighted to help. Drop us a message and explain what you’re after or feel free to pop into our Chapel Street office for a no-obligation chat. 

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