History Tours: Discovering Victoria Park

While most of us know that Manchester itself has a fascinating history stemming back to Roman times, few people are aware of the development of smaller areas on the outskirts of the city. We’re going to take a look at areas around Manchester and discover the interesting stories, personalities and events that have shaped how they are today.


Victoria Park

Victoria Park’s history doesn’t extend back as far as some other areas of Greater Manchester, however it is still home to some fascinating stories and personalities. In 1836, the architects, Richard Lane and Partners, undertook a unique endeavour to build a residential area east of Wilmslow Road. It was to be a prosperous estate for professional and well to do families.

It became an area of illustrious houses and estates with walled gardens, with approximately 50 properties built by 1850.

During the industrial revolution, more houses were built, however over 20 of the original villas still remain, most of which have been heritage listed. The area has been home to many well known personalities throughout the years including Charles Hallé, Ford Madox Brown, suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, and author Elizabeth Gaskell. The Gaskell’s house has undergone refurbishment and is now open to the public.

The Victoria Baths is also a highly prized building located in the Victoria Park area. Originally opened in 1906, it has recently been refurbished as part of the BBC’s Restoration programme and is celebrating its 110th anniversary. It is hoped the baths will be returned to their original use and people will be able to swim here in the near future.

The area is now home to many university students with extensive student housing developments, as well as privately rented and owned homes and apartments. Victoria Park is a great investment opportunity for anyone wanting to buy and rent properties.

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