Garden updates that are popular for 2022

Over the past two years, we’ve spent more time at home and in our gardens. And latest figures from Nationwide have revealed that expenditure on garden updates actually rose nearly 80% in April to June 2021. 

It’s believed that over 3 million people have taken up gardening in recent years and, with the majority of newbie gardeners being under the age of 45, there’s a few different garden trends and techniques popping up. Here, we highlight some of the garden updates that are tipped to be the next big thing – and they might just add a little bit of value onto your property too. 

Home-grown hotspots

As interest in gardening has grown, so has the cost of plants unfortunately. Not to mention, the current cost of living crisis. For this reason, it’s expected that people will continue to grow their own fruit and vegetables and also look to grow British plants that come back stronger every year. 

The same can also be said for home-grown bouquets. As prices in supermarkets and shops soar, we could see many people turning to their own garden to replicate shop-bought flowers. In the winter, these flowers can also be dried for the ultimate chic winter decoration. 

In terms of colour, bright pops of pink, red and orange always prove popular. When mixed with traditional foliage this cannot only provide incredible scenes but a safe space for the world’s smallest inhabitants. 

Innovative designs 

Last year, the Chelsea Flower Show officially recognised balcony and container gardening and experts believe we’ll get even more creative with our small spaces. Tipped to be big this year are even planters on wheels and green roofs!

Disused spaces can also be great places for gardening with many turning their attention to front gardens and a property’s curb appeal. A recent study from RHS even found that working on a bare front garden and filling it with plants can have the same stress-reducing effects as up to eight mindfulness sessions. 

So, if you have some spare time this month, why not invest in a few pots, upcycle an old wheelbarrow and add a little colour and character to the front of your property?

Bringing the indoors out

Over the years, our gardens have become so much more than an outdoor space. They’re an extension of our living with seating areas, dining spaces and even kitchens taking form. This is expected to continue with more people investing in pergolas, canopies, garden lighting and even outdoor fireplaces. 

While lawn is being pushed aside for a space that can double up as a relaxing, living, dining and entertaining space, latest garden trends do show that we’re favouring more planting and less hard landscaping. In terms of colour palettes, it’s recommended that you stick to four or five shades in your garden to keep everything consistent. 

Of course, gardening is there to be enjoyed so if you want to do something other than the above garden updates, we say go for it. If you are thinking of updating your garden in order to sell your property, we’d be delighted to help on that front too. 

Not only can we advise on the current market value of your property but we have a database of buyers in the Manchester area who are looking for all sorts of homes. The door to our Chapel Street office is always open too so why not pop in for a chat and see what we could do for you… 

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