The benefits of choosing a new-build property

If you’re looking for a new home in Manchester, it’s likely that you’ll have come across plenty of new-build properties. In fact, a record number of new-build homes were built across Manchester and Salford in 2021 – and 2023 has similar targets. 

There’s no denying that new-build properties can get a bad wrap with some saying they have no character. With your own creative touches, a new-build property can be as charming and characterful as you like though and, in our latest blog, we highlight the other benefits of buying a new-build property. 

There is a lot of financial help

Buying a property is expensive so if you can get a little help from the government, why not? All over the UK, the government has released initiatives and schemes designed to help buyers of new-build homes. This includes First Homes, Deposit Unlock and Shared Ownership. These can all help you to get your foot on the ladder but unfortunately not everyone is eligible. 

With this in mind, several housebuilders also choose to offer their own incentives for new-build buyers. This will vary from site to site so it’s worth discussing any benefits with them individually but it can include things like part-exchange deals, assisted sales, free fixtures and fittings, or even having your stamp duty or part of your deposit paid. 

They are chain-free

A property chain can be one of the most stressful factors of a house sale. In some cases, it can prevent the sale from going through. One of the biggest benefits of buying a new-build property is that the property is being built for you. This means that there is no-one living in it and, therefore, it doesn’t have a chain. Without a chain, the property process can be quicker and much less stressful. The only thing you’ll be waiting for is the property to be built. 

They are safe and secure 

Quality control and high building standards mean that new-build properties must come with the latest safety and security measures. This includes alarms, security lighting, fire safety installations and suitable locks on all doors and windows. Plus, this won’t just help you to sleep at night but it can also bring down the cost of your buildings and contents insurance.

New-build homes also come with a 10-year warranty, thanks to the National Housing Building Council. Plus, there’s a consumer code which protects buyers of new-builds.

They are more eco-friendly

In this day and age, we’re all looking for ways to bring down our heating bills and, on average, it costs less to power up and heat a new-build property compared to an older home. In fact, one report says that new-build homeowners save around £2500 a year on energy bills. This is because new-build properties are built with good insulation and high-efficiency heating systems.

As well as this, they include quality and A+ rated white goods, double or triple glazing, dual flushes and low energy lighting to reduce energy consumption and water usage. Many properties even come with electric car charging points to encourage buyers to become even more eco-friendly. 

They’re in family-friendly areas

House developers are always on the lookout for new land to build a development, and they want to make a community for the new residents. Usually, a new-build development will be close to a town as well as schools, supermarkets, transport links and other important amenities. Sometimes, the council will also request that the housebuilder contribute to improving roads in the area or even expanding local schools. The idea is that a new-build development should add and improve a local area. 

How Kaytons can help

New-build properties come in lots of different forms and with the option to choose your own kitchen, bathroom, flooring and tiles, you really can make it your own. At Kaytons, we often have new-build houses and apartments for sale and rent so if you’re interested in a new-build property, we recommend keeping an eye on our website. Alternatively, if you call our office, we’d be delighted to help with your property search. 

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