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We believe that an honest and friendly approach is just one of the reasons that happy customers return. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what others are saying and take a look at some of our testimonials.

If anything needs sorting, new furniture, maintenance, Kaytons inform me straight away and take the stress out of managing the properties.
It is now a number of years on - tenants pay rent and are happy and my property is always left in a good state and if not is put right by Kayton's team
I fully recommend this agency as they always manage to answer your questions promptly and get things sorted during what usually is, a busy and stressful time.
They took their time to run through the details of the flat very patiently and were open to all of my questions as well.
When I decided to buy a property in Manchester, some 4 years ago, I never knew I would be dealing with such a professional, trustworthy, friendly and enthusiastic company as Kaytons.
Very professional and friendly service - I couldn't ask for anything more. Kaytons let out my first BTL property and made it as pain-free as possible. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!